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  • LIVE in BUSSUM: 25/02/2023 (to book tickets click here)

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What are the benefits?

  • CWA Inspiration Days (formarly known as Experience Days) have been a life-changing days for many previous participants. It is an interactive day, where we experience and explore how to expand the level of consciousness, taking the awareness to the next level. You will also be given tools in how to design the first step towards your Destiny and Purpose so you can fully start living the life you Desire and Deserve.

    What would it mean for you if you could experience all of the following in your life?
  • Fulfillment
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Satisfaction
  • Meaning
  • Gratitude

What if you could explore what YOUR purpose is in life?
Imagine just for 1 or 2 minutes your life, encompassing all of this. 

  • How do you feel now?
  • What did you experience in these 2 minutes?

If you experienced feelings such as calmness, peacefulness, homecoming, joy, freedom, etc., you are already expanding your consciousness. You are now more aware of what you desire in life and also aware of what you do not want anymore.

From Outwards to Inwards

All the external and tangible things you have like a job, a house, a car, family, money, vacations and so on, are really great. But most of the times this outward focus doesn’t give you the real fulfillment your heart is longing for.

The next step for you is go inwards to find this peacefulness and your purpose. Inside are the real answers for your fulfilment and meaning in life. With these answers you can define the next steps so you can design your desired life.


During this interactive Inspiration Day, we are going to explore how to expand your consciousness. We will help you to discover your inner-desire and to design the first steps to the destiny of your purpose, your calling.  

We will explore:

  • Your Motivation (Experience)
  • 3 levels of Consciousness (Expand Understanding & Knowledge)
  • I & Me ‘How I Think (Explore enquiry)
  • Meaning of Life, Mind-Heart reflection, (Experience)
    Your desire
  • Design of your Desire, (Explore & Discover)
    First steps towards Destiny
  • Vedic Meditation (Experience)
  • HomeWorkbook (Expand)


Outcome requires input. So, what you get is what you give in Life. That will also count for this CWA – Inspiration day. After having experienced this day, the chances are high that you:

  • will have raised your level of Consciousness
  • will have a clearer sight of your purpose/your calling
  • know how let go of Self-Limiting beliefs
  • know how to raise your own Vibration
  • have a design for your first steps towards your Destiny
  • experience more fulfillment
  • have a better understanding Why you do What you think and do.

Practical things:

LIVE SESSION: Monastery Mariënburg, Brinklaan 82, 1404 GM Bussum, Netherlands

ONLINE Inspiration Day: 28 January 2023
Price € 54 (incl. VAT) p.p.
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LIVE in Bussum Inspiration Day: 25 February 2023
Price € 97,- (incl. VAT) p.p.
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What to bring:

  • 100% commitment
  • An Open Heart and Mind 

Workbook, 2 Facilitators
Extra at LIVE Sessions: Coffee, Tea, Water, Lunch, Free parking

For bookings use the Sign Up page or email us at 

What are people saying:

“Very grateful to have taken the time to enjoy this day. I experienced the day as “Mind blowing” in the sense that through the teachings, exercises and sharings I really learned about opening myself, by taking the time to slow down. I experienced also opening up my heart, not only staying in my head today. To slow down gave me the possibility for a good reflection.” – R. Bronkhorst

” I found today extremely informative. Claudia and Arturo did not try to tell me how or what I should be doing, they gave me the tools in order for me to move forward. They shared their expertise and knowledge in a wonderful friendly and fun and meaningful environment. It was also wonderful to share my experiences with other people and also to listen to their experiences and learn from others.” -H. Appleton

‘You have helped me to slow down, still my mind and connect with my truth that
I have been struggling to find.’ -Lorna Lees

I got such a great Present by doing so little.’ -Helen van Dijk

‘By doing (on a slowing down manner) I feel more empowered on the path that I
already walk. Today I feel for the first time how my heartbeat can change my
way of being and in the end my results.’ -Marleen Toxopeus

‘It was a great day for everyone even though you’ve had these before, this day really makes breakthroughs possible. For me it has really paid off and the first steps have already been made.’ -B van der Bend

It was a very inspiring day. And a real eye opener for me.  The two biggest insights for me are commitment and realization. If you really want to do something with your dream, nothing’s going to stop you.  Thank you all very much it was a privilege to make this journey with you. Arturo and Claudia please continue to pass on your wisdom. There are a lot of people who could use this very well.‘ –Mark Bertelink

I found this day clarifying. A sense of coming home to myself. The biggest insight for me was I received a “Now” as an answer to my heart wish. That I am allowed to be. That I know. The step that I will take is to be in the “Now”. I think this day is a gift to yourself because you are worth it! – Naz Marsman

‘Today re-opened my eyes on what is really important in life. I made a big step in achieving my ambition.’ -Marc Veul

Watch the Inspiration Day (Formerly known as Experience Day) Trailer:

You are so much more than your thoughts. Once you realise this, your life will become richer in any way you have ever experienced before and you just cannot go back to living unconsciously.

Claudia van Zuiden & Arturo Massaro

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