Arturo Massaro

Arturo Massaro

Coach | Author| Leadership Expert | Motivational Speaker | International Trainer

Meet Arturo

Inspiring Coach, Author, Leadership Expert, Motivational Speaker and International TOP Trainer. Founder of the Dreamschool and inventor of the K.R.A.C.H.T method. A method to realize your goals much easier and faster.

Author of the book “Expert Tips for Realizing Your Entrepreneurial Goals.”

Eventhough the name Arturo Massaro sounds pretty Italian, the fact is that he was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Together with his Italian father, his Dutch mother and two brothers, he grew up in a working-class neighborhood. Growing up in the city of Amsterdam, he developed several skills such as how to survive in difficult and challenging situations. As a result of these challenges, he discovered a variety of ways how to connect to people and how to set and achieve his personal goals.

After having finished his education, he worked for several employers. His last job as an employee was a manager for six years. When he reached the age of forty he asked himself one question: ‘What will I do now for the rest of my life?’

 The answer to this question came in a dream in January 2001. In that dream Arturo saw himself standing in front of a large group of people and was teaching them Personal Leadership skills. After the dream, he woke up at 3am, he felt full of energy and decided to quit his job as a manager. He then followed various courses how to become a trainer and coach, started his company in 2002 and has been an International Leadership Expert, Business Coach, Author and a Motivational Keynote speaker for over seventeen years.

 In August 2011 he got a second dream that was totally different then his normal dreams. In that second dream Arturo got the instructions to start a company called Dreamschool to help other people to Realise their own Dreams. He started that company in 2015.

In 2017 he was chosen by the public out of more than 10.000 nominees as Freelancer of the Year (FOTY-Award) in the Netherlands.

In that same year he published his Dutch book for Entrepreneurs: ‘Expert-Tips for Realizing Your Entrepreneurial Goals.

 Since 2020 he is co-founder of CWA, Conscious World Agents. 

“I believe we create an Inspiring World by realizing our own goals and helping others achieve their goals. In this way we create a society that lives in harmony and abundance. “
Our mission is to inspire more than 10,000 people every year to achieve their own dreams so that they experience More Fun, Greater Satisfaction and Better Performance in their lives.
Conscious Living
: Inspire Your Life, Realize Your Dreams!
~ Arturo Massaro

Keynote Speaking Topics:

Leadership | Personal Leadership | Teamcoaching | Spirituality | Consciousness | Entrepreneurship | Finding Purpose in Life

As a Leadership Expert Arturo has the skills to empower the experts, who in turn empower their own team of experts.

Arturo is an inspirational, international speaker and renowned for his humour and sincerity. Arturo entertains and empowers people. In his motivational keynotes he captivates the audience and leaves them with plenty of food for thought.

As an international trainer, Arturo is not the typical trainer or facilitator you would meet, He is open, above nice and always on point.

Contact details

To get in touch with Arturo for Coaching, Bookings, Speaking Engagements and Training:

W Arturo Massaro
Arturo & Conscious World Agents
Arturo & Conscious World Agents
Arturo & Conscious World Agents
M +31(0)6 1496 7305

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Arturo’s work is life changing…”

He teaches by providing experiences rather than just intellectual knowledge, that’s so valuable! Connecting head and ,

B. Roovers

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Working with him was an investment that proved to provide ever growing returns.

C. Fuentes

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very qualified, inspirational & talented coach, teacher’ speaker….”

I experienced Arturo as a natural gifted & talented inspirator. What you see is what you get and even more than that. Top-quality!

C. J. Slot

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