Four Lead Clover Program Exclusively for Leaders

Decision Making & Unlocking Potential

One Year Leadership Program

What is necessary to change a person is

to change his awareness of himself.”

Abraham Maslow

From IQ to EQ to CQ

Get real results and make the desired breakthrough with your team and/or company.

We all want the above and yet it often proves difficult to achieve. There seems to be some kind of glass ceiling. As the title says: It is not about your IQ. If it’s not the IQ, then what is it about?

Decisions made in Management Teams are generally well thought over and executed with experience and knowledge. All the team-members are well educated, they are experienced in their work and they have enough expertise. Their level of IQ is far above average. However, it appears that the implementation of executing these decisions is not always effective. Those who need to implement the decisions often have other insights or ideas and feel that the plans won’t be as effective as suggested and are less motivated to apply them. Therefore, it takes more energy and time to achieve or sometimes even come close to the required results.

How is this possible?

“It is not about your IQ”.

Conscious World Agents

Again, it is not about the IQ of the members of the Management Team. A description of IQ is: “The global capacity of the person to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with his environment.”

Nonetheless, people are more than only a rational being. In addition to the IQ, we also have to deal with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the much lesser-known Conscious Intelligence (CQ).

To better understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence, 3 simple questions can be asked to describe the meaning of EQ:

  1. To what extent can you deal with the emotions of yourself?
  2. To what extent can you deal with the emotions of others?
  3. To what extent can you deal with situations you apparently cannot change?

    The way you respond to situations where you have to deal with one or more of these
    questions determines whether the outcome will be helpful or not. The ability as a leader in how you respond to such questions is your responsibility. The level of engagement depends on your level of

    The benefits of having a high level of EQ:

✔ You don’t take things personally anymore. You can see/feel the intention of the
✔ You don’t blame others for how you feel. You take ownership of your actions and
✔ You are the eye in the storm. You influence the outside world by showing Leadership.

‘The only save ship in a storm is Leadership.’-Faye Wattleton

What does CQ mean? Conscious Intelligence has everything to do with awareness. It has to do with finding your calling and becoming aware of your own intuition, inspiration, purpose, motives, vision, meaning and fulfillment. You ask yourself questions such as:
 Why am I here?
 How can I be more of service?
 What is my purpose in this life?
 How can I unlock my potential?

By using your CQ you will live much more in the here and now, you will see with more clarity the bigger picture. Your connections with people are more authentic. You don’t think any more in WIIFM ‘What’s in it for me?’, but your attitude is like ‘How may I serve?’ This will bring more value and happiness into your life.

Benefits of CQ
Once you found your calling, your purpose, it is so much easier to be the leader of your own emotions. The Psychologist Abraham Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs) said: ‘To reach self-actualization, you must be independent of the meaning of others.’

With finding your calling, you will reach a level of self-actualization where you are no longer:
✔ looking for recognition and acknowledgement. You will express this to others instead.
✔ trying to please others. You are honest, clear and transparent with compassion.
✔ want security from others. You have self-confidence and you feel safe inside.
✔ in a survival mode of Fight or Flight. You are calm and feel peace inside.

By knowing your calling, you will raise your level of consciousness. You are going from
operating from a sub-conscious to a level of self-consciousness. The next level you will reach is the state of Meta-consciousness. Here you will no longer have to chase your goals, you will attract things coming towards you instead.
From this level of confidence in yourself, your CQ, it is easy to apply all the EQ skills. You will:
✔ be authentically present,
✔ listen 100% to the other,
✔ give genuine attention,
✔ inspire others,
✔ see where the other person’s strengths, skills and challenges lie.

From this position you will collaborate and make decisions using all the knowledge and
expertise (IQ) that is present in the team. The motivation within the team and the self-
dissolving ability will accelerate.

Four Lead Clover Program
Our Four Lead Clover program is a program exclusively for Leaders. This Executive
Leadership-program will guide and move you towards your calling and will accelerate your Personal and Professional Leadership skills to the next level.

You will:
✔ fully experience what gives you utmost meaning and fulfilling in life,
✔ explore in depths what your true purpose is in life,
✔ expand your consciousness to the next level.

One Year Program
Together we will participate and experience this one year long Four Lead Clover Program.

The program includes:
4 modules; every quarter of the year one module of 2 days duration.
Every month in between the modules, we will have a Zoom-call with the whole group (in total 8 Zoom-calls).
During this year program you will work with a buddy.
A workbook with the summary of the content of this program, assignments and
You will have 4 personal Executive coach sessions: One in between every module and one within one month after the program has finished.

Group Size
The group size will be maximum of 14 Leaders. The main reason for this is that we want to give every one enough personal attention so you can get the most out of this inspiring program. The minimum will be 6 participants.

Program Content

Module 1: First Lead Clover

Theme: I & Me

  • First Wisdom theme: How I think as a leader (based upon the 16 G-lines)
  • First Agreement: ‘Be impeccable with your words’ (Don Miguel Ruiz)
  • Authentic presence
  • The Art of Self-Compassion, Love & Kindness practice
  • Mindfulness (Basic Awareness), Mind & Heart reflection,
  • Maslow’s Leadership theory: Top-Down
  • From Problem-solving to Solution-finding
  • Beliefs, Subconscious-mind to Conscious-Mind, Conditioning
  • Self-Enquiry
  • Stress Management: 5 Tibetan Yoga’s
  • IQ

Module 2: Second Lead Clover

Theme: I & My Team

  • Second Wisdom theme: How I act as a Leader
  • Second Agreement: Take nothing Personally: Iceberg
  • 4 Elements: Awareness and taking care of the Elements
  • Stress Management: 5 Tibetan Yoga’s
  • Theory Teams (4 stages)
  • EQ Theory & Test
  • Heart intelligence & Heart-math

Module 3: Third Lead Clover

Theme: I & The Company

  • Third Wisdom theme: How I Relate as a Leader
  • Mandala of Life, Rings of Experience & Threads of Conditioning
  • Third Agreement: Make no Assumptions
  • Stress Management: 5 Tibetan Yoga’s
  • Neurological levels (Bateson model), Unlocking your potential
  • From profit to purpose driven
  • Reframing and Preframing. Using Guidelines

Module 4: Fourth Lead Clover

Theme: I & The Society

  • Fourth Wisdom theme: Finding Meaning
  • Fourth Agreement: Do your Best
  • 4 Seasons: Wheel of Life, True North & Ancient Wisdom
  • Ethical morality
  • CQ, Purpose/Calling: Service and Motivation
  • Stress Management: 5 Tibetan Yoga’s & Yoga Nidra: Balance in Meetings

Mastering Conscious Awareness in Changing Times

Psychological immunity

Building psychological immunity supports our wellness and our sense of wellbeing. It encourages us to go inwards and explore what creates long lasting happiness, rather than short term happiness.

Personal Leadership

This course is about Personal Leadership. It is about mastering the fundamental life skills to develop ourselves when we navigate through life, change and adversities.

Developing Heartfulness

By practicing Mindfulness and Heartfulness, we cultivate the ability to observe and feel emotions and thoughts that arise, without fear, denial and judgement and with love and compassion to our selves and others.

What Leaders say about us:

“Arturo is an incredible trainer and connects with his students so naturally you feel as if you have known him all your life. I was able to sit in many sessions Arturo taught on our site as well as attending the kick off sessions. The sessions lasted 3 days, the material was always fresh, people who had never worked together became family and Arturo kept eveyone engaged and laughing. Best trainer I have seen in 42 years at a chemical plant.” – Harold Pitchford, Manager, Total Quality & Training DSM, Augusta, USA.

“Claudia is a fantastic role model on how to be authentic. That is, she connects with what is right for her and goes for it full of heart, compassion, generosity and consideration. A passion for learning and serving. I adore her honesty and learnt so much through her training program, which has helped me grow and explore my own unique self. I would in equivocally recommend Claudia to assist you on your journey.” – L. Forsyth, Community Developer, Aberdeenshire Council, Scotland, UK.

Worked with Arturo in two leadership courses and both were great. He is inspirational, fun and full of substance. Appeals to your values and inner self. Working with him was an investment that proved to provide ever growing returns.” – C. Fuentes, Chief Commercial Officer APM Terminals, Moin, Costa Rica.

“I have invited Claudia to work both in my own school and also deliver workshops for the local cluster of schools. All workshops were very well received. I have benefitted from Claudia’s support in many ways over a number of years professionally. Claudia is 100% authentic and committed to what she does. I trust her implicitly. She leads by example but approaches all aspects of her life with humility. Those characteristics are what make her unique.” – Gillian Watt, Headteacher, Monymask, Scotland, UK.

Let’s create the breakthrough together!

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