Balancing the Elements – A Conscious World Transformation Course

Balancing The Elements – a 4 Week Course Description Many people feel out of balance within themselves or even disconnected from their bodies. This four week course Connecting & Living in Balance with the Four Elements will help you to understand each element more in depth so you will know what to do to keep them in balance and how to experience the greatest amount of effectiveness when they are Every week you will have a chance to (re-)connect deeply with one particular element, to help you to re-balance yourself and to build a deeper relationship with that specific element. In many ancient civilisations, these four elements are regarded as the foundation of life and of the whole body. They are part of every basic principle related to healing the body. Outcome Balancing all the elements in our daily routine is a must for a healthy and fulfilled life. This universe is formed out of four major elements. To keep these elements in balance is of vital importance for our body as well our environment. If these elements are out of balance, negativity starts to govern and can build up stress levels and cause dis-ease. During this course you will learn how to maximise your potential and how to balance the elements within. For each week you will be given methods and tools to evaluate yourself, together with practical exercises to implement an action plan to balance each element to the full. After completion of this course, which you can do at home, at your own pace, you may experience a greater sense of well-being and connectedness with yourself, your relationships and the world at large. You will receive: 1 Introduction Video 4 Meditation Videos 4 Weekly Schedules Guide 1 Workbook Journal


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Childrens book by Claudia van Zuiden available on, & . (This book is written in English)

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