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✨CWA Goes FB-Live Friday 26/2/2021 at 16:00 CET  (4pm Dutch Time) ✨

In our social media posts this week, we shared with you our experiences about raising your level of Consciousness through the Attitude of Gratitude.  

We hope that you will join us again this week in our FB LIVE Session to talk more about this topic.

Here’s the link to the FB Event page:

Claudia van Zuiden & Arturo Massaro



EARLY BIRD Tickets NOW AVAILABLE for the next CWA Event!
Date: February 13th, 2021
Venue: Bussum, the Netherlands
Time: 09:30 – 16:30 hrs
+ EXTRA Life Design Workbook

Conscious World Agents will host a one-day Event: CWA-Experience Day.

CWA-Experience Day could be a life-changing day for you. A day where you can experience and explore and expand your own level of Consciousness. It is an opportunity to take your awareness to the next level and to discover your purpose in life.
You will get a chance to design the first step towards your Destiny so you can live the life you Desire and Deserve.
Watch this movie for much more inspiration:

We would love to see you there; Claudia van Zuiden & Arturo Massaro
For more information go to our webpage CWA-Experience Day

For tickets go to Eventbrite

Ticket price: Normally this day will cost you € 108,- incl. VAT.

The EARLY BIRD price is till January 21st 2021, € 85,- incl VAT. (use promo-code: EARLYBIRD)

For this price you will get 2 experienced trainers/facilitators, teas, coffees and water, free parking. You will also receive a FREE gift form us; which is a Life Design Workbook.

What are people saying about this day:

‘It was a great day for everyone even though you’ve had these before, this day really makes breakthroughs possible. For me it has really paid off and the first steps have already been made.’ B van der Bend

‘It was a very inspiring day. And a real eye opener for me.  The two biggest insights for me are commitment and realization. If you really want to do something with your dream, nothing is going to stop you.  Thank you all very much it was a privilege to make this journey with you. Arturo and Claudia please continue to pass on your wisdom. There are a lot of people who could use this very well.’ M. Bertelink


Masquerade Party Facebook Cover

♾✨ CWA Goes FB-Live every Friday ✨♾
Join us for the FB Live Event.
This week we shared posts with you all about the subconscious mind. During this FB-Live Event we will talk about how we can use the subconscious mind to our favour.
If you have any questions, please join us and write them then in the feed.
Date & Time: Friday 8th January 2021, 3PM CET (15:00 Dutch Time)
Claudia van Zuiden & Arturo Massaro



We wish you ALL a very healthy, happy New Year!

What an amazing start we have had with CWA! We already have invites to speak abroad and have had some great feedback about our recorded videos and FB Live recordings.

Thank for your FOLLOW’s and likes too!

We will share the link with you of our recording and look forward to sharing our posts with you on social media. Last week the topic was ‘Conscious Choices’ and this week’s topic is about ‘Subconsciousness’, which is the state in which mental processes take place without the conscious perception of the individual.

Stay connected! 



Welcome to our Blog!

We are so super excited to have launched our NEW website, our NEW Facebook page, our NEW Instagram and our NEW Youtube Channel!

Please subscribe to all of them as we will be offering plenty of Freebies and information on how to raise your level of Consciousness and start to create the Life you deserve! 

We would also like to know where are from and where you are reading this world? We believe in connection and would love to hear where our readers are from! Let’s Co-create this Conscious Community of Leaders and Changemakers! 

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Claudia & Arturo 

Well that was exciting :-)!
We launched our NEW website today and our NEW programs. A little bit of a hiccup with FB LIVE as we got disconnected, but we managed to solve that!
Arturo and I co-created a new venture called CWA – Conscious World Agents. We are so looking forward to sharing inspirational posts, programs, retreats etc. with you all in 2021 and beyond!
To find out more about it, you can watch the first and the second part of the LIVE Recording here at the links below.
Please like our new page too! Thank you so much!

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