What Leaders say about us:

“I have benefitted from Claudia’s support for the past few months and continue to work with her. She is genuine, authentic, passionate, a great listener and much more. Her gentle yet direct approach resonated with me and I felt safe and fully trusted her guidance. She took time to understand and equip me with simple yet effective tools that have truly transformed my life.

Our sessions started with a focus on time management as I was in a position where my work load significantly increased, and later transitioned to other aspects on mindfulness, focus, leadership all while embracing my personal skills and qualities. Her approach evolved as I also evolved, and she remained committed to my journey.

She is also a wonderful and warm person and it has been a delight to work with her. I highly recommend Claudia to provide both professional and personal support.” -Diana Ongiti, Global Appeal Manager: COVID 19 Response at International Federation of Redd Cross and Red Crescent Societies – IFRC, Switzerland

“Arturo is an incredible trainer and connects with his students so naturally you feel as if you have known him all your life. I was able to sit in many sessions Arturo taught on our site as well as attending the kick off sessions. The sessions lasted 3 days, the material was always fresh, people who had never worked together became family and Arturo kept eveyone engaged and laughing. Best trainer I have seen in 42 years at a chemical plant.” – Harold Pitchford, Manager, Total Quality & Training DSMAugusta, USA.

“From my position as Executive Director, in different organisations, I have been happy working with Claudia, both through my organisations as well as individually for myself. I have been taken by surprise many times, learning the advance of her skills, how she understands and support all aspect from our conversations and how well she analyses and step by step works her skills towards a new different understanding of challenges raised. How she can put lights from different angles to unveil and resolve individual issues, as part of a bigger entity, to a better fit and to a resolve for the organisation.

Claudia is rock solid, direct, open minded and strong in commitment. She never leaves your side, until you conclude and have evolved into a new path with your organisation or with yourself as an individual.

She comes with my sincere, strongest recommendation. If you are yourself sincere in the change you want to venture into, she is the best person around to help you.” – Finn Jarle Rode, Executive Director The Hepatitis Fund, Former Executive Director Oslo Peace Centre, Norway.

“Claudia is a fantastic role model on how to be authentic. That is, she connects with what is right for her and goes for it full of heart, compassion, generosity and consideration. A passion for learning and serving. I adore her honesty and learnt so much through her training program, which has helped me grow and explore my own unique self. I would in equivocally recommend Claudia to assist you on your journey.” – L. Forsyth, Community Developer, Aberdeenshire CouncilScotland, UK.

Worked with Arturo in two leadership courses and both were great. He is inspirational, fun and full of substance. Appeals to your values and inner self. Working with him was an investment that proved to provide ever growing returns.” – C. Fuentes, Chief Commercial Officer APM Terminals, MoinCosta Rica.

“I have invited Claudia to work both in my own school and also deliver workshops for the local cluster of schools. All workshops were very well received. I have benefitted from Claudia’s support in many ways over a number of years professionally. Claudia is 100% authentic and committed to what she does. I trust her implicitly. She leads by example but approaches all aspects of her life with humility. Those characteristics are what make her unique.” – Gillian Watt, Headteacher, Monymask, Scotland, UK.

What else are people saying:

‘You have helped me to slow down, still my mind and connect with my truth that
I have been struggling to find.’ -Lorna Lees

I got such a great Present by doing so little.’ -Helen van Dijk

‘By doing (on a slowing down manner) I feel more empowered on the path that I
already walk. Today I feel for the first time how my heartbeat can change my
way of being and in the end my results.’ -Marleen Toxopeus

‘Today re-opened my eyes on what is really important in life. I made a big step in achieving my ambition.’ -Marc Veul

Training Days

CWA is a place where you can explore, experience and expand your own level of consciousness.

Knowing that we are all interconnected, at all CWA events and training programs, you are invited to explore how you relate to yourself and to the world and take the first steps towards your dreams and goals.

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