What do people say about Claudia and Arturo?

B. van der Bend

It was a great day for everyone even though you’ve had these before, this day really makes breakthroughs possible. For me it has really paid off and the first steps have already been made.

Het was een super dag welke voor iedereen ook al heb je het vaker gehad, deze dag maakt echt doorbraken mogelijk.Voor mij heeft het echt veel opgeleverd en de eerste acties zijn al gedaan.

M. Bertelink

It was a very inspiring day. And a real eye opener for me.  The two biggest insights for me are commitment and realization. If you really want to do something with your dream, nothing is going to stop you.  Thank you all very much it was a privilege to make this journey with you. Arturo and Claudia please continue to pass on your wisdom. There are a lot of people who could use this very well. 

Het was een hele inspirerende dag. En een echte eyeopener voor mij. De twee grootste inzichten voor mij zijn commitment en realisatie. Als je echt wat met je droom wilt doen houdt niets je tegen. Iedereen heel erg bedankt het was een voorrecht om deze reis met jullie samen te maken. Arturo en Claudia ga vooral door met doorgeven van jullie wijsheid. Er zijn een hoop mensen die dit heel goed kunnen gebruiken. 

E. van de Kamp

This was truly a very special day. You know it all already, but now you know it so much clearer. I have met so many beautiful people, each with their own struggles and with their beautiful potentials. All in my heart. Thank you, Arturo and Claudia, for the insights, love, warmth and clarity.

Dit was oprecht een hele bijzondere dag. Je weet het eigenlijk allemaal wel maar nu zo veel helderder. Zo veel mooie mensen ontmoet met elk hun een worsteling en mooie potenties. Allemaal in mijn hart. Bedankt Arturo en Claudia voor de inzichten, liefde, warmte en helderheid.

C. Schepers

It was an inspiring day, which gave me an awareness and confirmation that I have to make choices. Thanks for the honest, sincere, pure and ‘safe’ approach. In addition, the meditations were very nice and the day was pleasant and well taken care of.

Het was een inspirerende dag, een bewustwording en bevestiging dat ik keuzes moet gaan maken. Dank voor de eerlijke, oprechte, pure en ‘veilige’ benadering. Daarnaast waren de meditaties heel fijn en de dag was gezellig en prima verzorgd.

M. Smith-Lommen

I really enjoyed last Saturday. Your clear, no nonsense, no drama approach makes it immediately insightful to what can still be worked on. My ‘take-aways’: “Ignorance is bliss” has stuck with me. Why should I worry about what anyone else thinks of me? And realizing that I’m very much closer to those two dreams that I have than I thought all along. Just go and do it. So today I’m going to work at least 1 hour on my book, I’m going to plan singing lessons again today, I’m going to set out the lines for my other dream and I’m going to read in the book of Arturo today. I thought it was a top-day Saturday because the whole group energy was sky high and we all wanted to lift each other up.

Ik heb werkelijk genoten afgelopen zaterdag. Jullie heldere, no nonsense, no drama aanpak maakt direct inzichtelijk waar nog aan gewerkt mag worden. Mijn take aways: ignorance is bliss is blijven hangen. Waarom zou ik me druk maken wat een ander van mij vindt? En het realiseren dat ik veeeeeel dichter bij die 2 dromen ben dan ik al die tijd dacht. Gewoon gaan doen. Dus vandaag ga ik minimaal 1 uur aan m’n boek werken, ik ga vandaag weer zanglessen in plannen, de lijnen voor mijn andere droom heb ik al uitgezet en ik ga lezen in Arturo’s boek vandaag. Ik vond het een top dag zaterdag, want met de hele groep was de energie sky high en wilden we elkaar allemaal liften.

C. Thuis-Ter Voert

It was inspiring and a privilege to be a participant! To sum it up in one word or actually two: “coming home”.

Het was inspirerend en een voorrecht om deelgenoot te zijn! Om het in een woord samen te vatten of eigenlijk twee” thuis komen”

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“Senior Freelance Trainer…”

I had to opportunity to present a training with Arturo, last year, in Brazil. I am, myself, a freelance trainer for about 10 years, but training next to Arturo add so much value to me. I had a magnificent learning. I am very thankful for the great time we had. The presentation, but also the preparation and wrapping of the training made this moment a learning hub that is nowadays very fruitful and important in my own career. Thanks Arturo!

Ana L. Monteiro

“Arturo gave me the extra kick in the butt, to go and realize my dreams…”

I followed several trainings of Arturo, and it brought me more than i could ever imagined… I found out my highest potential and act on it. I loved following his trainings, he is clear, professional in what he teaches you. He has got a lot of humor.

D. Kloppenburg

I have benefitted from Claudia’s support in many ways over a number of years, both personally and professionally. Personally – I was introduced to the Solution Focussed approach and way of thinking by Claudia and have used it successfully with close family members and work colleagues. Claudia is 100% authentic and committed to what she does. I trust her implicitly and have no problem encouraging others to contact her. Professionally – I work in schools and have invited Claudia to work both in my own school and also deliver workshops for the local cluster of schools. All workshops were very well received. Claudia does not stand still in her own learning and development. She is constantly learning and working on herself, physically, mentally and emotionally. She leads by example but approaches all aspects of her life with humility. Those characteristics are what make her unique. 

G. Watt

“I had the pleasure of therapy sessions with Claudia a few years ago. Claudia is a compassionate, warm and openminded lady, who I warmly recommend. 

K. Aartun

Let’s build something great together.

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