Services & Training

Leading with

Passion, Awareness, Selflessness, Service & Compassion

We offer the following tailored programs:

  • Leadership in Change-management
  • Developing Self Awareness in Leadership
  • High Impact Retention Strategies
  • Balanced Leadership ( Healthy (ISO Toxic) Feminine & Masculine Leadership Qualities)
  • Compassionate, Selfless & Mindful Leadership: Inspiring Work Environments
  • Presentation Skills: The Rhetorical Triangle
  • Impactful & Authentic Communication Skills
  • Leadership Style | How do you Lead?
  • Certified Trainers Everything DiSC
  • Work of Leaders – Vision | Alignment | Execution
  • Lencioni Model
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Creating Exraordinary Teams with Extraordinary Results

Step 1

We empower people by encouraging Personal Leadership development, so they will make conscious choices that will result in positive impact.  They will become more aware of how they think, act and engage with the world.

Step 2

The Mind of a Conscious Leader is aware of personal strengths, competencies and places for development. Conscious Leaders want to access their full potential and work towards this with compassion and focus.

Step 3

Once a Conscious Leader realises her/his calling and purpose, she/he wants to be of service to something bigger than themselves, Conscious Leaders want to create meaningful lives for others, at the workplace and beyond.

“The best and easiest way to learn something is to be close to someone who has already mastered a skill. Claudia and Arturo are authentic leaders who would help you to focus on meaningful things. Creating awareness allowed me to discover a new range of possibilities to live a full and significant life.”

Enric Comas – Director – Lead Business Analyst UCB

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